"Bridging The Gap Between Photospace and Peoplespace"

What's New?

New Version 1.1 fixes some problems with internationalization and date formats. Adds some additional preference options, and fixes some bugs. See the release notes for details.

The big 1.0 is here! Some of the outstanding new features we have added include:

Tracking Your Family Tree Just Got Easier

Written especially for the revolutionary Mac OSX operating system, TreeTracker is both intuitive and easy to use.

"Finally! Someone has made a genealogy app that normal humans can use!"

The purpose of TreeTracker is to make it easy for family historians and genealogists to track and organize family photos and their lineage. The interface is designed to be "the simplest tool that could possibly work."

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Attach Faces to Names

"And this photo is of my grandmother making coffee over an open fire during the flood, the hotel was surrounded by water and the power was out." Remind you of stories told around the family album? The problem with those stories is that they're too often locked up inside our heads, and when we're gone, the stories are gone too, which means those precious family photos wind up losing their meaning for your children and their children's children. TreeTracker lets you attach photos to your family tree, so your family can attach faces to the names of the past.

Link People In Relationships

TreeTracker enables you to link people together to show their relationships, and thus, build your family tree.

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Reporting Built Right In

Not everyone in your family has a computer, so you need a way to share your work with them. Print your tree using TreeTracker's reporting system.

It's all about Collaboration

This latest version of TreeTracker adds a special feature for helping you to fill in the gaps in your family tree.

You can now distribute the main shareware version of TreeTracker to as many other people as you wish. If you have them use the Setup Assistant to create their basic tree, they can then save that tree and send it back to you. Once you have that, you can then merge their tree into your tree!

So send out TreeTracker to your family, and have them do your work for you. Tom Sawyer, eat your heart out!

"TreeTracker may be the most intuitive genealogy software available for Mac OSX."

Purchase TreeTracker and Support Breast Cancer Research

In keeping with our corporate mission statement, we are donating 5% of our pre-tax net profits to charity. TreeTracker's chosen charity is Breast Cancer Research.

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